Alternate Program Delivery Methods Approved

You don’t have to wait for the return to normal to start your education this fall!

All CBBC Career College programs have been approved by N.S. Labour and Advanced Education to be delivered using Alternate Program Delivery Methods.  This means that all training will be provided online using the same format as if the training was delivered in the classroom: instructors will deliver daily lectures, discussion points, assignments, etc. Students will be required to be online every day, as per the classroom schedule.

Whenever possible, CBBC Career College will allow students to attend face-to-face training. In such cases, the numbers will be limited to allow for social distancing measures. While in general attending face-to-face classroom training or online training sessions will be at the discretion of each student, attending in person the hands-on training for labs, certificates and workshops are mandatory. Note: due to the fluidity of the pandemic this could change based on directives from the Minister of Health and Wellness.

The approval for Alternate Program Delivery Methods is temporary and all students will be required to attend face-to-face training, should COVID public health measures be lifted.

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What Our Graduates Are Saying

This program prepared me and gave me the confidence to enter the real business world. The close knit atmosphere CBBC has, made me very comfortable. Each and every staff member at CBBC was extraordinarily helpful on my journey in obtaining a full-time Administrative Assistant position in Cape Breton.
Courtney MacPhail
Administrative Assistant / Offshore Technical Services Program