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CBBC Career College: Hi Aimee! Thanks so much for chatting with us today. Can we start with your name and tell us a little bit about what you do at CBBC Career College?

My name is Aimee Campbell, and I am the instructor for the MOA, Medical Office Administration and Ward Clerk Program here at the CBBC Career College Campus in Sydney.

Great! Can you tell us about the Medical Office Administration program?

So in the MOA program, you’re going to learn everything from soft skills like communication, organization, teamwork, but you’re also going to learn hard skills as well. So you’ll be doing typing, medical terminology, a little bit of pathology, study of diseases, pharmacology as well. So we do learn all about the human body, but as well as important general and specific software skills as well.

And why should someone choose CBBC Career College?

What I really like is we have a bi-monthly intake. So we have classes starting up every two months, as opposed to every year, which creates more flexibility for the students. If they need more time to maybe save or if that time’s not working out for them, there are lots of options to pick up in another month. We’ve got small classes, so it’s more individualized. You are going to receive your diploma in a shorter duration than you would in other places, and you get ongoing support from the minute you inquire about information to the enrollment process and then to people even checking in on you during your studies. So it is very personal here.

At CBBC, we have a positive individualized learning strategy. So we’ve got small classrooms. They’re not auditorium style. So you get a hands-on learning environment. The students are known on a first name basis here, not only by your instructor, but the other instructors as well. When you come through the doors, you immediately feel like you’re at home. It’s a very positive, mature learning environment.

What kind of person is best suited for this program?

Someone organized, with people skills like empathy and compassion. We have a wide range of diversity in our classrooms – people from different places, different backgrounds, some of who have experience in the medical field and some who don’t. But at the end of the day, we all share the same passion for learning but definitely someone with maybe a little bit of a medical interest.

Great! Where do graduates from this program typically find employment?
You’ll be able to work in any type of healthcare setting, whether it be a private facility like a dentist, physiotherapist, or optician, or you could work in a government facility like the hospital. This program also doesn’t just limit you to the medical field. You will also learn administrative skills and practices and procedures of operating in an office environment.

And what does the Ward Clerk portion of this education entail?

Medical Office Administration will be more of the secretarial position, where you’re dealing with clients on an outpatient basis. So that’d be more of a private practice area, doing scheduling for clients and clerical business work. Whereas the ward clerk position would be in any unit of the hospital setting. In this case, you’re working administration and ordering tests for patients within those specific units, whether it’s the ICU, a medical surge floor, or the laboratory; the ward clerk is the person who’s the centre face of those hospital units.

Can students expect to find employment fast after graduating?

The demand right now is very high. There’s no better time to enroll yourself into a challenging, yet rewarding career. With the current growing demand in the healthcare industry, many options are going to be available upon completion of your program.

CBBC currently has a 91% success rate for employment, which is really high. So we provide you with the tools and the training and the vast network in order to be successful in your career, which will ultimately open windows for opportunity in an ever evolving career path.


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What Our Graduates Are Saying

I think the thing that has stood out to me the most in the program is how much the teachers care about your success and how they work hard to create a positive environment to learn in. It’s really amazing! They really encourage all the students to celebrate each other’s successes and help each other out. I really struggled with the decision of which school to attend, and I know that I made the right choice.
Monique Ryan
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