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If you’re new to school and haven’t been a student in a while, studying can be a bit overwhelming (heck, even if you have been to school recently it can be hard!). But, studying is key to getting the most out of your education whether we like doing it or not.

To help you figure out how to get the most out of your precious study hours we have compiled a few quick tips to make studying less of a drag, and make learning easier.

Tip one: use class time wisely

Is your instructor finished lecturing, but you still have 10 minutes of class left? Get a jump on your homework while it’s still fresh in your mind. Or use the time to ask your instructor about concepts that were fuzzy the first time.

Tip two: banish distractions

Interruptions are the worst. You forget what you’re doing, where you were at in a project, or maybe you even lose your motivation. When you’re studying, try turning off your phone notifications or deleting Instagram (temporarily) on your device so you can concentrate on the homework tasks at hand. You may also benefit from playing some music that provides just enough distraction to keep your brain occupied but not so much that you can’t stay on task.

Tip three: be realistic.

When you’re looking at the homework you have to get done tonight, be realistic about how long things actually take. You can’t read six modules in a textbook in 15 minutes so don’t plan to do so. Estimate your tasks appropriately so that you aren’t overwhelmed or failing at your task before you even start. 

Tip four: look over your notes every night

While the info is still really fresh in your brain, take a quick read of your notes. Fill in details, edit the parts that don’t make sense, and star or highlight the bits of information that you know are most important. This way when you refer back to them in a few days or weeks you’ll know what’s up. PLUS, re-reading your notes will help you remember them.

Tip five: Study a little every day.

Cramming for a quiz might work in the short-term, but when it comes time to study for big tests, you’ll be back at square one. You might remember the info you crammed long enough to ace the quiz, but studying properly and really dedicating time to the task will help you store them for the long haul.

Bonus tip: stop waiting and go back to school NOW!

If you’re dreaming about a new career there has never been a better time to get the information you need to get started! Stop saying ‘one day I’ll do it’ and start doing it! Contact us for information on CBBC Career College educational opportunities today!

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