Five Habits of Successful Students

We get it, going back to school can be overwhelming! For some of our students they transition straight from highschool into a program at CBBC Career College, but for others they may…

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How To Showcase Your Education On Your Resume

Congratulations, you’ve finished school and now you’re looking to enter the workforce! You’ve worked so hard during your time in school and the employers that you’re interviewing with will want to see…

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Become A Hairstylist With CBBC!

If you’re looking to enter the exciting world of cosmetology (hairdressing!) you’ve come to the right place. We offer cosmetology in both Sydney and Halifax, operating two training salons to make sure…

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“It’s Incredible To See The Students Transform In A Few Short Months!”

We have some truly amazing instructors at CBBC. Not only are the experts in their field with a TON of experience, but they’re genuinely nice people who are all about the success…

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Help People Achieve Their Full Potential!

When choosing a new career path it’s important to consider the type of job that you’d like to have. What does an ideal day look like for you? Do you like to…

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Needed: Continuing Care Assistants!

Are you looking for a new career? Continuing Care Assistants (CCAs) are desperately needed in Nova Scotia and CBBC Career College can give you the education needed to excel in this vital…

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“I have been offered four full-time hourly positions and have also received two chair rental offers!”

If you’re looking for a fresh start, our cosmetology – hairdressing programs offer a fresh start in an industry that remains stable (even in a pandemic!). Students receive on-the-job-training at our CBBC…

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Debunked: Eight Myths About Going Back To School

If you’re thinking about going back to school you may be wrestling with the decision based on some out dated or misinformation. We chatted with our student services department to debunk eight…

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Cosmetology and Aesthetics: Perfect For Budding Entrepreneurs!

CBBC Career College is THE place to start your career in the beauty industry in Nova Scotia. Our dedicated instructors and your on-the-job training in our two training salons, Aspirations Training Salon…

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Entering The World of Cosmetology and Aesthetics? Five Soft Skills That Will Help You Succeed

If you’re looking to enter the world of cosmetology (hair dressing) and / or aesthetics you’ve come to the right place! CBBC Career College offers training in both areas in our two…

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Business Administration: Marketing, Human Resources, Accounting, and Administration In One Inspiring Program

If you’re looking for a well-rounded education that will open as many doors as possible, our Business Administration program is just what you’re looking for. Are you just out of high school…

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Want To Be A Healthcare Hero? Our Medical Office Administration Program Will Open Doors

COVID-19 has shown us that a growing and aging population means that investing in healthcare is no longer an option, it’s a must! If you’re looking to enter the exciting medical field…

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