Change Your Life in 2022

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The new year is a great time to commit to any new beginning or resolution. When you toss that 2021 calendar and start fresh you open a world of possibility about what the future holds and that’s a very powerful thing.

We’re just days into the new year and if you’re like us, you’ve probably spent some time thinking about 2022 and wondering what might be different.

The unfortunate reality that we’ve come to over the past two years, is that not a lot of what is happening around us in this world is in our control. We don’t know how long the next federal program for wages or business help will last. We don’t know what the next restriction will be or what change will come next from the government. We don’t know how long this pandemic will drag on.

All of these unknowns can feel scary.

But, what we also know is that decisions we make today can have a dramatic impact on our tomorrow. AND (perhaps even more importantly), the decisions we DON’T make today can have the same effect.

Why are we saying all of this?

Are you happy with the status quo? What’s in your control? Are you ready to make some decisions to make things different in 2022?

One of the most powerful tools that you can have in your possession is a quality education. Yes it will open doors in the professional world for you, but it will also bring with it so much more. If you’re looking for confidence, a fresh start, and a ‘win’ in a very tough time, CBBC Career College is here to welcome you and cheer you on.

Only you can change your life. Are you up for the challenge?

So what are you waiting for?

We would love to invite you to connect with us to learn more about our programs in business, healthcare, education, beauty, and more!! If you’re looking for a unique, supportive learning environment that will open doors, this is the program for you. To learn more and to connect with us, click here. We look forward to chatting with you more about new career opportunities!

What Our Graduates Are Saying

This program prepared me and gave me the confidence to enter the real business world. The close knit atmosphere CBBC has, made me very comfortable. Each and every staff member at CBBC was extraordinarily helpful on my journey in obtaining a full-time Administrative Assistant position in Cape Breton.
Courtney MacPhail
Administrative Assistant / Offshore Technical Services Program Program