Classes Returning May 11

At CBBC Career College, our first priority is always the health and safety of our staff and students. It was for this reason that we temporarily paused your studies. We hope this break provided you with an opportunity to take care of your family and homes during this time of crisis.

This notice is to inform you that CBBC Career College will be restarting online theory training on May 11, 2020, using a carefully planned, multi-staged approach:

  1. During the first stage of the return to studies plan, students that have theory remaining in their programs will be coming back to online classes. Your instructors will be in touch with you prior to May 11, to provide confirmation of the class time. As before, all classes will take place using Moodle and Zoom platforms.
  2. An exception to the return to studies plan is the Regency Cosmetology and Aesthetics programs. Due to the close blending of theory and practical, classes for these programs cannot resume until the provincial government has given the clearance to do so. CBBC will remain vigilant and will inform the students once we have a clearer picture of the return date.
  3. Students that have completed all theory hours will continue to have their training suspended until skill-based instruction, clinical components, or practicum type placements are permitted.
  4. Students who are initially returning to online training “may” have to have another pause at the end of their theory in the event that businesses are still closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Placements for the practicums will be secured once businesses resume normal operations.

Below is a list of programs paused during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Look carefully at this list to see if you are returning May 11, 2020.

Class Code Class Online Theory Remaining  Returning/Paused
SYD.COM0918 Sydney Combined Aesthetics & Cosmetology  1 week Returning
SYD.COM0919 Sydney Combined Aesthetics & Cosmetology  1 week Returning
SYD.AES0919 Sydney Aesthetics September 2019 1 week Returning
SYD.COS0919 Sydney Cosmetology September 2019 1 week Returning
SYD.DA0919 Sydney Dental Assisting September 2019 4 weeks Returning
SYD.AA0919 Sydney Administrative Assistant September 2019 1 week Returning
NS.CCAe0919 Northside CCA September 2019 n/a Paused
SYD.PA0919 Sydney Pharmacy Assistant Sept 2019 2 weeks Returning
SYD.TA0919 Sydney Teacher Assistant Sept 2019 5 weeks Returning
SYD.CSW1019 Sydney Community Support Worker October 2019 6 weeks Returning
SYD.CCA1019 Sydney CCA Oct 2019 5 weeks Returning
HBR.CCAe1119 Harbourstone CCA 4 weeks Returning
SYD.TA0220 Sydney Teacher Assistant  17 weeks + 3 hands-on Returning
SYD.MOA0220 Sydney MOA 15 weeks Returning
HAL.COM0918 Halifax Combined September 2018 Yr 1 n/a Paused
HAL.COM0919 Halifax Combined September 2019 n/a Paused
HAL.COS0919 Halifax Cosmetology September 2019 n/a Paused
HAL.AES0919 Halifax Aesthetics September 2019 n/a Paused
DKL.CCAe0919 Dykeland CCA Sept 2019 n/a Paused
ADM.CCAe0919 Admiral CCA Sept 2019 2 weeks Returning
DAR.AA0919 Dartmouth Administrative Assistant Sept 2019 3 weeks  Returning
DAR.TA0919 Dartmouth Teacher Assistant Sept 2019 6 weeks Returning
ALD.CCAe1019 Alderney CCA Oct 2019 2.5 weeks Returning
DAR.PA1019 Dartmouth Pharmacy Assistant Sept 2019 4 weeks Returning
HAL.COS0120 Halifax Cosmetology Jan 2020 n/a Paused
HAL.AES0120 Halifax Aesthetics Jan 2020 n/a Paused
DAR.MOA0220 Dartmouth Medical Office Administration 15 weeks Returning
DKL.CCAe0220 Dykeland CCA February 2020 8.5 weeks Returning

A reminder to ENS funded students returning to complete online theory: please revisit the letter forwarded by Employment Nova Scotia to all Skills Development Program Participants on April 7th, 2020. Your application for SD Program COVID-19 Technology Measure must be received prior to May 31st.

We appreciate your continued patience and understanding during these unprecedented times.

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