Office 365 Multi-Factor Authentication Enrollment on Android

Follow these steps to set up Office 365 Multi-Factor Authentication on your webpage using an Android smartphone:

  1. Download Microsoft Authenticator:
    a. Open the Google Play Store on your Android smartphone.
    b. In the search bar, type “Microsoft Authenticator” and select the first option.
    c. Click “Install” and enter your Google password if prompted.
  2. Navigate to Self-Enrollment:
    a. Open the Microsoft Authenticator app.
    b. Follow the link to self-enrollment.
    c. Complete additional security verification by selecting the corresponding link on the Multi-Factor Authentication web page.
  3. Log in with Email Credentials:
    a. Visit the Multi-Factor Authentication web page and log in with your student email credentials.

    • Students:
  4. Provide Additional Security Information:
    a. After signing in, click “Next” to provide more security information to your account.
    b. Choose your default verification option:

    • Select “Notify me through app” for Approve/Deny requests.
    • Or select “Use Verification code from app or token” for manual code entry.
  5. Choose Backup Verification Methods:
    a. Select “Authentication Phone” and enter a phone number different from your home phone.
    b. If applicable, choose “Office Phone” as another option.
    c. Select “Alternate authentication phone” and enter a backup phone number.
    d. Choose “Authenticator app or Token.”
    e. Click the “Setup Authenticator app” button.
  6. Configure Microsoft Authenticator:
    a. In Microsoft Authenticator, select “Notify me through app” from the first drop-down.
    b. Click “Add Accounts,” then choose “Work or School account.”
    c. Allow the app to use your camera and scan the QR code on your computer screen.
    d. Click “Next” and then “Save.”
  7. Finalize Multi-Factor Authentication Setup:
    a. Close the browser tab to return to the Multi-Factor Authentication Request tab.
    b. Click on “Enable MFA” to complete the setup process.

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