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The Supply Chain Management program allows students to acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to be at the forefront of a career where the need for professionals is at an all-time high. The global pandemic brought supply chain management to the forefront and people learned that supply chains really do make the world go round. Supply chains and logistics are an integral part of every business. Supply chain management exists in every single organization and can range from sourcing raw materials, manufacturing products, managing operations and arranging transportation – all on an international scale!

The Supply Chain Management program will teach you the skills necessary to enter an organization and immediately make an impact on the bottom line. The Supply Chain Management program provides students with training in:

  • international transportation
  • operations management
  • purchasing
  • inventory control
  • customer service
  • international trade and much more

In addition to learning from industry professionals, you will receive a student membership with Supply Chain Canada, advanced computer training and a 4-week practicum to have you job-ready in 39 weeks.

If you are looking to obtain skills to start, advance, or make a transition in your career, enjoy a fast-paced environment and excel at problem-solving, this is the career for you.

What you can do with a diploma in Supply Chain Management?

Just to name a few, you can work in:

  • purchasing
  • inventory control
  • warehousing
  • customs
  • operations
  • production
  • manufacturing
  • transportation
  • project management
  • international trade

Is the Supply Chain Management program right for you?

The Supply Chain Management program at our Dartmouth Campus is an excellent fit for:

  • Someone who works well in a team atmosphere, is detail-oriented, excels at problem-solving, and is passionate about leadership
  • Students who enjoy a faced paced environment and excel at problem-solving
  • A mature student with previous job experience, looking to enhance and develop new or existing skills relevant to today’s job market
  • A recent graduate who wants to specialize in an emerging and in-demand business field
  • Someone who wants to fast-track to a new and exciting career in business
  • Someone looking for hands-on project management and operations management experience

Total program length – 35 weeks theory, 4 weeks practicum

admission requirements

Admission Requirements:
Canadian High School diploma or equivalent. CBBC Career College Admissions Team uses the Wonderlic assessment tool.

For Mature Students:
If you don’t have a High School Diploma, we have admissions options specifically for you depending on which province you are enrolling. Please contact us to see how our Admissions Team can help you achieve your new career.

Program Outline

  • Microsoft Windows/Outlook

    This 20-hour course is designed to provide you with the skills needed to work in Windows OS and MS Outlook. You will learn to use the tools and options available in the MS Windows operating system, manage folders and files, and work with simple applications packaged with the operating system. The Outlook course will provide you with the skills to compose and send emails, schedule appointments and meetings, manage contact information, schedule tasks, create notes, customize the Outlook environment, calendar, and mail messages, and track, share, assign, and quickly locate and organize various Outlook items.


  • Microsoft Word

    As a student in this 40-hour course, you will learn the most important topics of Microsoft Office Word. No prior computer experience is assumed. You will delve into Microsoft Office Word to learn how to create, edit, and format documents and multiple-page reports. Once you have mastered this, you will learn to work with templates, themes, styles, and mail merge. Finally, you will learn advanced techniques, such as automating your work and using advanced online forms.

  • Microsoft PowerPoint

    This 12-hour course is designed to introduce key concepts about creating, modifying, and enhancing a presentation using PowerPoint. You will explore the PowerPoint environment and create a presentation. You will format text on slides to enhance clarity. To enhance the visual appeal, you will add graphical objects to a presentation and modify them. You will also add tables and charts to a presentation to present data in a structured form. You will then finalize a presentation and deliver it.

  • Business Communications I - English Essentials

    This course will help the student develop the proper communication skills necessary to function in a professional business setting. There will be a review of grammar, sentence structure, and punctuation as they apply to business communication. Students will complete various exercises with the emphasis on improving basic skills in grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, and apply them to writing assignments and tasks.


  • Microsoft Excel

    Upon successful completion of this course, students will have achieved a core level competency of the Microsoft Excel application. Topics include creating worksheets, formulas, functions, charts, formatting, analysis, templates, and working with multiple worksheets and workbooks.

  • Advanced Excel

    This course will build on the foundational elements of introductory excel and add concepts such as exploring financial tools, analyzing data with business intelligence tools, pivot table design and developing an excel application.

  • Business Management

    This course will enable the student to develop the skills necessary to understand and function in a professional business setting. The course examines the business environment and how to effectively manage within that dynamic. It introduces various topics that serve as a foundation for further study of effective business management.

  • Introduction to Supply Chain Management

    This course will set the foundational elements of supply chain management: supply, operations and logistics preparing students for advanced study. The impact of supply chain decisions on companies, financial measures and key performance metrics will be introduced. Supply chain sourcing decisions such as make or buy will be evaluated. Students will learn the importance of creating and maintaining supplier relationships, single vs multiple suppliers and supplier rationalization strategies. Key trends in supply chain management will be identified.

  • Purchasing Fundamentals

    This course will set the foundational elements of procurement as students will learn the origin, function and role that procurement plays in an organization. Students will be introduced to the purchasing process, sourcing decisions, global sourcing and ethics. Issues such as supplier relationships, supplier selection, ethical sourcing and sustainability will be discussed. Public purchasing will be introduced.

  • Transportation and Logistics Management

    This course will introduce students to the importance of transportation and logistics channels, their management and the storage of goods in a distribution environment. Careers in logistics and transportation will be discussed. The activities in the logistics channel such as inventory control, materials handling, packaging and reverse logistics will be introduced. The major modes of transport, land, air, ocean and rail will be discussed. Transportation management software will be explored.

  • Service Response Logistics

    The course will introduce the students to the supply chain management concepts suited particularly to services and the service activities of manufacturers. The concept of customer involvement in the production process and managing service quality will be discussed. This module will look at the importance of demand, capacity and yield management plus the importance of facility location decisions.

  • Operations Management and Sustainability

    This course will introduce students to a broad overview of operations management and manufacturing concepts and their contribution to efficiency in supply chain management. Students will learn concepts such as operational decision making, supply chain sustainability, material requirements planning, design of goods and services, lean manufacturing, project management, quality and supply chain sustainability.

  • Inventory Control and Warehousing

    This course will introduce students to the principles of inventory management, proper storage techniques and warehouse optimization and design. Students will learn demand management, order management, inventory control and associated costs in conjunction with customer-centricity. Students will examine the role of warehousing in a logistics system, evaluate warehouse design considerations and discover outsourcing opportunities.

  • Career Management

    Our Career Management course will introduce students to and teach them how to apply the most effective strategies to achieve employment in the career of their choice. Topics that are covered are effective job search strategies, cover letter and strategic resume writing, interview preparation and effective interviewing skills. Students will also be introduced to online training in Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) so that they will have a better understanding of their role as regards safety at the workplace.


  • Supply Chain Technology

    This course will introduce students to the most recent trends in supply chain technologies focusing on smart, tech-driven solutions to decrease operating costs and improve efficiency. These changes are based on leading supply chain companies having immediate adoption and leadership with new capabilities and technology. Students will research various technological advances such as (1) Blockchain (2) Artificial Intelligence (3) Internet of Things (4) Cloud Computing (5) Robotics and (6) 3D Printing and (7) Big Data.

  • Strategic Sourcing

    This course will introduce students to supply management and commodity strategy, supplier qualification, selection and management, and strategic cost management. Students will also learn why performance metrics are critical to purchasing performance, in addition to recognizing the future direction of purchasing and supply management.


  • Supply Chain Security

    This course will introduce students to supply chain security measures for protecting and securing assets and people in the supply chain both internally and externally. Voluntary and involuntary supply chain security programs including Partners in Protection (PIP), will be examined. International threats to the supply chain such as terrorism, illegal goods and smuggling will be studied.

  • Contract Management and Negotiations

    This course will introduce students to the importance of negotiation strategies in supply chain management and how to become a skilled negotiator. Students will become familiar with the negotiation framework, negotiation tactics and strategies. The students will have an opportunity to practice the skills and demonstrate what they have learned in a mock negotiation session. Contract management, elements of a contract and types of contracts such as fixed price and cost-based will be discussed. Purchasing law and ethics will be discussed.

  • Customs Administration and Procedures

    This course will introduce students to a broad overview of administering Government trade acts and regulations that govern the importing and exporting of goods in Canada. The roles of the players in international trade such as carriers, importers, exporters, CBSA and government agencies will be examined and explained. Students will become familiar with key customs documentation, tariff classifications and valuation techniques.

  • International Transport and Trade

    This course will introduce students to the parties involved in international trade and the role of regulatory organizations. Students will study multiple modes of transportation and calculate the costs of using multiple modes in international shipments. International shipping terms and contracts will be explained and applied.


  • Essentials of Freight Forwarding

    This course will introduce students to the stakeholders in international trade including: freight forwarders, customs, brokers, importers, and government agencies. Students will complete international documentation such as: letters of credit, certificates of origin, and bills of exchange. This course will also cover packaging and warehousing goods in the international supply chain, as well as all modes of transportation. Costs of using each method will be calculated.


  • Practicum

    This 160-hour course is designed as a culmination of the program. Our Placement Department works with you to arrange a suitable placement with a local business, corporation, or a public or non-profit organization which conducts typical Canadian business practices in your field of study. In your Practicum term you could perform, or job shadow, or a combination of both, the skills and knowledge acquired in the modules within your program.


job market

Successful graduates of the Supply Chain Management course may pursue a wide variety of interesting and rewarding professions, including:

  • Shippers and Receivers
  • Supply Chain Assistant
  • Dispatcher
  • Freight Clerk
  • Purchasing Agent
  • Purchasing Clerk
  • Purchasing Clerk Assistant
  • Procurement ClerkProcurement Agent
  • Inventory Analyst
  • Inventory Clerk
  • Inventory Control Clerk
  • Inventory Planner

Salary Information

Average Wage ($/hr) – $21.15
High Wage ($/hr) – $33.33
National Occupation Classification (NOC) for this program: 1521

Source: &

This program prepared me and gave me the confidence to enter the real business world. The close knit atmosphere CBBC has, made me very comfortable. Each and every staff member at CBBC was extraordinarily helpful on my journey in obtaining a full-time Administrative Assistant position in Cape Breton. Courtney MacPhail Administrative Assistant / Offshore Technical Services

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