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24 Weeks

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September 16, 2024
April 7, 2025
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Become a Teacher Assistant

Education is constantly changing with the implementation of the all-inclusive classroom. As a result, there is a growing need for support staff in the classroom. The Teacher Assistant program includes both academic and practical work-term study. The work placement applies the academic techniques taught in the classroom and allows feedback. This program is excellent for someone wishing to work with children in a public school setting.

The Teacher Assistant program designed by the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development to meet the needs of the Nova Scotia School Board is a great fit for someone who:

  • Loves working with children
  • Wants to see children succeed in their education
  • Likes the idea of working one-on-one with students
  • Wants a consistent work schedule
  • Likes variety in their position

Working with kids of all ages isn’t always easy, but it’s also extremely rewarding. We all have a teacher or someone who worked in our schools as a kid who was special to us. That one person who took a bit of extra time and made us feel loved and supported. That person can be you!

Teacher Assistants work under a teacher’s supervision to give students additional attention and instruction. Assistants may also help students with research skills or help teachers by grading tests, checking homework, and taking attendance.

There are many varied day-to-day tasks for a teacher assistant and many opportunities for them within a school or grade level. For example, some teacher assistants work only with special education students. These students often attend regular classes, and teacher assistants help them understand the material and adapt the information to their learning style. With students who have more severe disabilities, assistants may work with them both in regular classes and separate classes. Teacher assistants may help these students with basic needs, such as feeding or personal hygiene. Young adults may help students with disabilities learn the skills necessary to find a job after graduation.

It’s also possible to specialize within a subject or area of learning. For example, as a teacher assistant, you may work in the computer lab, teaching students how to use computers and helping them use the software. Or you may work as a recess or lunchroom attendant, supervising students during these times.

In addition to earning your Teacher Assistant diploma, you will also earn the following certificates:

  • Workplace Health Management Information Systems (WHMIS)
  • Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
  • Non Violent Crisis Intervention (NVCI)
  • Occupational Health and Safety (OHS)
  • Food Handlers Safety
  • Mental Health First Aid

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Job Market

Teacher Assistants work throughout Nova Scotia in both elementary and secondary schools. Teacher Assistants help support students, teachers, and counsellors with teaching and non-instructional tasks. For example, they help in personal care, teaching and behaviour management under the supervision of teachers and other childcare professionals. They work in both public and private schools.

Average Pay: $18.00/hour
NOC: 4413

For more information visit the Nova Scotia Labour Market Information website.

This program is an excellent fit for:

  • Someone who's great with kids and families.
  • Someone who's passionate about inspiring the brilliant minds of the future!
  • Someone who is attentive, gentle, and nurturing.

Why choose the Teacher Assistant program?

  • Join a career that's in high demand and will always be needed.
  • Become part of an educational community.
  • Lifetime career services!

Save time & money

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What People Are Saying

[The students] have been absolutely amazing, and taking initiative with the care and their education (they have jumped in with confidence). They all have been extremely professional, and have built fantastic rapport with the residents and the staff, and if I had a spot for them I would hire them in a heartbeat.
Joanna Johnson

What Our Graduates Are Saying

This program prepared me and gave me the confidence to enter the real business world. The close knit atmosphere CBBC has, made me very comfortable. Each and every staff member at CBBC was extraordinarily helpful on my journey in obtaining a full-time Administrative Assistant position in Cape Breton.
Courtney MacPhail
Administrative Assistant / Offshore Technical Services Program Program