“Soak up all that CBBC has to offer. The instructors are there for YOU!”

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Courtney MacMullinIf you’re looking for a fresh start, our aesthetics  and cosmetology – hairdressing programs offer a fresh start in an industry that remains stable (even in a pandemic!). Students receive on-the-job-training at our CBBC owned training salons and work with the best of the best to ensure that they graduate with job-ready skills that will get them noticed!

Courtney MacMullin is a recent graduate of CBBC Career College. She graduated in September 2020 from Regency Training Salon and has since embarked on what is sure to be a wildly successful career in Aesthetics! We asked Courtney to sit down with us and tell us about her journey and how her education has truly changed her life. 

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Q: Thanks so much for chatting with us today Courtney! Let’s start with the basics. What program did you take at CBBC Career College?

Courtney MacMullin: I took the aesthetics program which was offered out of Regency Training Salon in Halifax and graduated this year (2020).

 Q: What specifically made you choose CBBC Career College for your education?

CM: The in depth knowledge that [salon manager] Judy gave me during a school tour! She gave a solid outline of what was being taught, how it was being taught, and what the expectations were from the students. Judy demonstrated a passion for the industry that left me feeling confident that  I would receive the best and highest-quality education.

Q: What were you seeking to gain from your education?

 CM: I was looking to learn the art of aesthetics and follow a path of purpose-meets-passion. I wanted to love what I do for a living – and I really do now! I was also looking for new  employment opportunities and a fresh new beginning (which I found). It may sound like a bit of a cliche but happiness is my wealth.  CBBC really has exceeded my expectations in terms of providing the tools needed to reach my goals and I’m living the life I dreamt of before I started school.

Q: That sounds like a big life change! How exactly has your life changed since graduation?

CM: My life has changed in so many ways! I’m working at Spirit Urban Spa as a full-time Aesthetician. I’ve found happiness in my everyday life and my work is not a chore anymore. I live with purpose and educate clients with integrity; a building block that I learned at CBBC!

Q: What skills and abilities specifically did you gain at CBBC  that have led to your success?

CM: SO MANY! Besides my obvious aesthetics skills and knowledge, I now have stronger communication, business building, team work, time management, and problem solving skills. I’ve also gained a much stronger sense of responsibility and accountability. I feel confident that my education has set me up for the success that I’m so lucky to be experiencing now. 

Q: What advice would you give to someone who is considering a program at CBBC Career  College?

CM: The homework is already done – trust me, CBBC is the school to invest in! Feel confident that this is a place for valued education. You will learn from the best and with the best. Industry leaders seek CBBC graduates for a reason!  Soak up all that CBBC has to offer. The instructors are there for YOU! 

What are you waiting for?

Courtney is well on her way to a long and successful career as an aesthetician. If you’re dreaming about a career in the beauty industry there has never been a better time to get the information you need to get started! Stop saying ‘one day I’ll do it’ and start doing it! Contact us for information on CBBC educational opportunities today!

What Our Graduates Are Saying

My instructor is incredibly supportive, providing both essential skills and emphasizing the meaningful impact of our work. With excellent assistance from Administrative staff, CBBC Career College has truly prepared me for a fulfilling career as an ECE.
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