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We aren’t going to beat around the bush; the job market is extremely difficult right now. The effects of COVID-19 can be felt in almost every sector of the economy with layoffs continuing and in some cases even increasing.

If you’re looking for a new opportunity in a growing sector the healthcare industry is one that remains stable even as others decline. COVID-19 has changed our world and it has made it even more clear that investing in healthcare is key. As our population ages the demand for skilled workers continues to grow and we think that you should be among those skilled workers who are getting hired and staying employed!

CBBC is proud to offer a variety of training programs that will prepare you for a job in the healthcare sector. Whether you want to work one-on-one with patients or take a more administrative role, we can help you get job-ready in a matter of months. Remember, it takes a variety of people to keep our healthcare system running smoothly and it’s not just doctors and nurses who are the heroes!

Community Support Worker

Community support and service workers (CSWs) help support people with varying levels of physical and / or intellectual abilities or individuals with mental illness. Their primary role is to help these individuals attain their goals to help them live fulfilling lives (talk about the ability to make a difference!

As a community support worker you might assist with personal care, provide support for errands like grocery shopping, mentor clients in their vocational programs, coach the skills needed for daily activities, and / or advocate for clients in a variety of settings.

CSWs work in a variety of home, adult vocational or community settings. Job opportunities can be found with agencies, organizations or the government or community day programs throughout Nova Scotia. This career offers flexibility as positions may be part-time or offer shift work. Our 35-week Community Support Worker program in Dartmouth and Sydney provides the knowledge and skills needed for this rewarding career!

Continuing Care Assistant

A continuing care assistant (or CCA) provides direct client care in home support agencies, nursing homes, and homes for the aged. They are truly special people who are with their clients  during the most vulnerable point in their lives. This may be  at the end of life, during daily care, or during truly difficult medical situations.

In our 30-week CCA training program, students will learn to provide care to meet the various needs of the elderly, disabled, and convalescents through lecture style learning and clinical placements. 

Medical Laboratory Assistant

Have you ever dreamt of helping to make big scientific discoveries? If so, this is your dream come true!

Medical laboratory assistant students  are introduced to technical areas of medical terminology, clinical laboratory, and laboratory mathematics. You’ll also learn the fundamentals of  chemistry and biology is delivered through laboratory microbiology, cytology and histology, and hematology. This is taught through a combination of lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on experimentation. Anatomy, physiology, quality assurance, and safety procedures are also components of the program. 

Graduates may seek employment in private diagnostic testing laboratories, public health laboratories, hospital labs, quality control labs, a physician’s office or clinic, and veterinary laboratories.

This program is 24 weeks in length (24 weeks to get you job-ready!). 

Medical Office Administration With Ward Clerk

The medical office administration with ward clerk program will prepare graduates  to work in a medical office, or in a clinic or hospital setting as a ward clerk. Students will receive instruction in filing systems for the medical office, medical transcription, pharmacology, booking clients through computerized appointments systems, keyboarding techniques, medical billing systems, record processing, basic computer skills, and Microsoft Office applications (Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Microsoft Excel). Additionally, students will gain knowledge and skills in business communications, web design, and marketing.

Start your career in healthcare with CBBC!

If you’re looking to enter the healthcare field, CBBC is just the school to get you started! Even if you’re looking for something in the field but not in a traditional patient centred environment, we offer programs to get you job-ready as a dental assistant!

Make your goals a reality with CBBC Career College! We have courses starting all the time and our admissions team would love to work with you to help you achieve your dreams. Visit our website to learn more and to get started today!

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My instructor is incredibly supportive, providing both essential skills and emphasizing the meaningful impact of our work. With excellent assistance from Administrative staff, CBBC Career College has truly prepared me for a fulfilling career as an ECE.
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