13,000 post-secondary students in Nova Scotia to receive a one-time COVID-19 grant!

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The government of Nova Scotia announced on Monday, December, 7 2020 that approximately 13,000 post-secondary students in Nova Scotia will receive a one-time grant to help cover shortfalls in earnings and unexpected costs associated with their studies. This one-time COVID-19 Response Grant of $750 will automatically be distributed to all recipients of Nova Scotia Student Assistance in 2020-21. Students do not have to apply.

“We know many students are facing additional financial challenges due to COVID-19,” said Minister of Labour and Advanced Education Lena Metlege Diab. “This grant will help provide extra funding support and ensure students who are most in need can continue to receive the quality education they deserve.”

The COVID-19 Response Grant acknowledges the extra costs students may have incurred during the pandemic such as moving to new learning platforms, as well as the challenges they have had obtaining summer employment and part-time jobs.

“As Students Nova Scotia has highlighted, students are facing a number of barriers due to COVID-19. This grant will help close this gap and alleviate not just these new financial pressures, but the added stresses of adapting to new ways of learning. This grant is a fantastic support for students.”  – Clancy McDaniel, executive director, Students Nova Scotia

The funding for the grant is from the Department of Labour and Advanced Education’s budget. About 13,000 students in Nova Scotia’s universities, NSCC and private career colleges will benefit from this grant. Most of the funding will be distributed to eligible students in January while some disbursements will be in spring or summer.

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