New Perks for Early Childhood Educators!

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Exciting news for Early Childhood Educators: In a noteworthy development, the government has announced a wage increase and a comprehensive benefits package for early childhood educators and employees in licensed child-care centers.

Education and Early Childhood Development Minister Becky Druhan emphasizes the invaluable work of ECEs, who play a crucial role in shaping the foundation of a child’s development. ECEs provide not just care but also foster early learning experiences, social skills, and emotional well-being, setting the stage for a lifetime of success.

ECEs working in provincially licensed and funded child-care centres and family home agencies will receive hourly wage increases ranging from about $3.14 to $4.24. This increase reflects the recognition of an ECE’s dedication and the significance of their role in our communities. Eligible Early Childhood Educators will also receive pensions for the first time, which will allow professionals to enjoy a long and fulfilling career in this industry.

To ensure a smooth transition, the changes will be implemented gradually:

  • Employee Assistance Program Access (January 1, 2024)
  • Wage Increase (April 1, 2024)
  • Group Benefits and Pension Plan Enrollment (May 2024)
  • Retroactive Pension Contributions (January 1, 2024)

There’s never been a better time to explore a meaningful career in Early Childhood Education.  Embark on your journey today with CBBC Career College and be ready to make an impact in less than a year!


Source: https://news.novascotia.ca/en/2023/12/20/wage-increases-early-childhood-educators-new-pension-benefits-child-care-sector

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[The students] have been absolutely amazing, and taking initiative with the care and their education (they have jumped in with confidence). They all have been extremely professional, and have built fantastic rapport with the residents and the staff, and if I had a spot for them I would hire them in a heartbeat.
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