Become A Registered Dental Assistant In Less Than A Year (While Working!)

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A Dental Assistant is a dental health professional who works closely with and under the supervision of a dentist. This isn’t a desk job. You’ll work with patients performing tasks before and after the dentist sees them, and you’ll also get to assist the dentist and dental staff during specific procedures.

On the less practical side of things you may also take on a bit of an administrative role communicating with patients and suppliers (scheduling appointments, answering the telephone, billing and ordering supplies – that sort of stuff), so liking people is key! If you have previous experience working in the retail or food services world you’ll be amazed how your multitasking skills will support you in this new and exciting field.

The salary

According to www.jobbank.gc.ca (NOC 3411), Dental Assistants earn an average of $22.50 per hour. Based on a 40 hour work week that’s an annual salary of $46,800 a year with the ability to make even more. A high range wage for this position is $30 an hour, or $62,400 annually!

The training

Our new Dental Assisting Program (Distance) in Sydney consists of online, clinical instruction, and a work term placement (at a dental office) throughout the program. So, students will receive 51 weeks of highly structured, full-time, instructor-paced distance education that uses  a combination of online, on-campus clinical training, and practicum placement! You’ll spend two days per week in a work-term placement at a dental practice, as well as three days per week of highly structured, remote, and instructor-led online learning. Students also spend five weeks at CBBC’s dental clinic.

Why choose CBBC Career College and the NEW Dental Assistance  Program (Distance)?

There are so many reasons! This program is flexible with start dates every quarter. You’ll get hands-on training that will look great on your resume when you graduate and you may even graduate with a job! AND our  on-campus students have a 99% pass rate on their first try of the NDAEB Board Certification Exam.

Plus, CBBC Career College is here to support you once you graduate through the career services department. They’ll help you write a resume that will get you noticed, connect you with employers in our network, and teach you valuable interview skills.

It’s time to start your healthcare education with CBBC Career  College

There has ever been a better time to start your journey with CBBC Career College, especially in the Dental Assisting Program (Distance)! Take advantage of this amazing opportunity to gain your education by contacting us today.

It’s time to change your life with CBBC Career College!

What Our Graduates Are Saying

This program prepared me and gave me the confidence to enter the real business world. The close knit atmosphere CBBC has, made me very comfortable. Each and every staff member at CBBC was extraordinarily helpful on my journey in obtaining a full-time Administrative Assistant position in Cape Breton.
Courtney MacPhail
Administrative Assistant / Offshore Technical Services Program