COVID-19 Job and Volunteer Opportunities for Postsecondary Students

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The Nova Scotia Department of Health and Wellness has sent information to all postsecondary education institutions within the province looking for students to fill various paid and volunteer positions related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

They have immediate paid employment and unpaid volunteer opportunities to support COVID-19 activities across the province. Opportunities exist in the following service areas:

  • Assessment/Testing Centres
  • Vaccination Clinics
  • Contact Tracing
  • Occupational Health Safety & Wellness
  • Laboratory Services
  • Long Term Care/Continuing Care/publicly funded health care entities
  • Regional Care Unit
  • COVID-19 Inpatient Units
  • Facility Access

New employment opportunities

Are you looking for a new employment opportunity? If so, please view and apply for opportunities ranging from casual relief to long assignments using the below links:

Management for COVID-19 Service Areas

Nurse Practitioners for COVID-19 Service Area

Registered Nurses/Graduate Nurses for COVID-19 Service Areas

Registered Respiratory Therapists for COVID-19 Service Areas

Physiotherapists for COVID-19 Service Areas

Paramedics for COVID-19 Service Areas

Dietitians for COVID-19 Service Areas

Licensed Practical Nurses/Graduate Practical Nurses for COVID-19 Service Areas

Medical Laboratory Technologists for COVID-19 Service Areas

Medical Laboratory Assistants for COVID-19 Service Areas

Care Team Assistants/Continuing Care Assistants for COVID-19 Service Areas

Emergency Support Aides for COVID-19 Service Areas

Site Screeners for COVID-19 Service Areas

Clerical for COVID-19 Service Areas

Unit Aides for COVID-19 Service Areas

Utility Workers (Housekeeping) for COVID-19 Service Areas

Pharmacists for COVID-19 Service Areas

Student Learner Pandemic Immunizer


Are you retired and looking for a paid employment opportunity? If so, you may be eligible to work casual relief or temporary status without impacting your pensionable earnings during the Provincial State of Emergency. If you have questions regarding any pension impacts, you can contact Compensation & Benefits as noted below.

Retirees in the Nova Scotia Health Employees’ Pension Plan (NSHEPP) can return to work in a casual or temporary status working in a position that is COVID-19 related and would not have to re-enroll in pension. This exemption will end 30 days after the end of the State of Emergency.

Retirees receiving the Nova Scotia Public Service Superannuation Plan (NSPSSP) pension who may be concerned about the impact to their pension while working in a COVID-19 related position can contact Compensation & Benefits at one of the numbers below:

Central Zone retirees in NSPSSP can contact 902-473-5757, option 3, and option 3 again to discuss possible impacts.

Western, Northern, and Eastern Zone retirees in NSPSSP can contact 902-365-1701, extension 3778 to discuss possible impacts.

If you have additional questions about paid employment opportunities, please email .

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