Study tips and tricks: Is your home study spot the tranquil space for learning that it should be?

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We want to make sure that our students have the best possible experience while enrolled in our programs, and studying at home is a big part of the learning process. We’ve compiled these handy tips to make sure your at-home studying game is on point and as enjoyable as possible. 

Create a designated work area

You may be one of those people who can be productive while lying in bed, but for most people that just leads to excessive napping (yawn!). Experts say that creating a designated workspace in your home will help keep you on track and trigger your brain that it’s time to study. That doesn’t have to be an office or a desk if you don’t want it to be (or if you don’t have space), even a comfy chair that allows you to type and see your computer freely will work. But,  avoid making that chair the TV chair too. Keep it for work exclusively so that when you settle in you’re ready to get down to business. 

Embrace your inner plant farmer

Did you know that studies have proven that houseplants can have a positive impact on studying? A study completed by the Royal College of Agriculture in England found that student attentiveness increased by 70 percent in lecture halls that had plants!

Multiple studies have also shown that plants can help reduce stress levels and instill a sense of calmness. Plants can also purify the air by taking the excess of carbon dioxide and turning it back to pure oxygen. Plants are also responsible for removing chemicals and toxins that can cause insomnia and headaches. They will freshen the atmosphere while adding a touch of natural colours to your room.

Essential oils will awaken your mind

Certain scents have been found to stimulate the brain function that’s associated with learning. Rosemary. for example, increases alertness and improves memory making it the perfect study scent. Peppermint, has been shown to help boost memory accuracy.

Toss a few scents in a diffuser or order a scented candle and see if they help your brain!

For a full list of scents and what they can do for your brain check out THIS handy site: 

Do your chores!

Studying at home requires discipline and a world that’s free from distractions. If you’re looking at a sink full of dishes or stressing about how no one has done the laundry in four weeks you’re going to have a hard time concentrating. Make sure that your space is clutter-free and in good shape before settling down to start your day. If you don’t have time to do everything that needs to be done around the house make a list so that your brain can rest easy that nothing will get forgotten at the end of the day. 

Get some sleep

There is NOTHING worse than trying to crack a textbook when you’re nodding off. School can be stressful and we know that sleeping isn’t always the easiest thing to do when you’re under stress and you still need to get through all the things in your regular life. If you’re trying to study but just too tired, TAKE A NAP!  A quick 15-minute power nap is just the thing to reset your brain and get you ready to learn.

Don’t feel bad for needing sleep (just make sure you set an alarm so 15 minutes doesn’t turn into three hours!).

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