Entering The World of Cosmetology and Aesthetics? Five Soft Skills That Will Help You Succeed

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If you’re looking to enter the world of cosmetology (hair dressing) and / or aesthetics you’ve come to the right place! CBBC Career College offers training in both areas in our two training salons, Aspirations in Sydney and Regency in the HRM. Here we train the future of the field, turning out graduates with the skills and experience necessary to enter the field successfully.

If you’re thinking about entering the beauty industry, here are some of the soft skills that we look for in students (the skills that make exceptional cosmetology and aesthetics professionals!):

Detail Oriented

Aesthetics services and hair cuts, colours, and treatments are all reliant on details to look polished and put together. That’s why detail oriented is the number one soft skill on our list. Could you imagine if a stylist just forgot to check if bangs were even, or if your manicurist forgot to clip your cuticles. Details are KEY and if you love keeping every little thing perfect, you should absolutely consider a career in the beauty field.


Many clients will ask their hairstylist for advice on how to cut or style their hair. Creativity and understanding lines and shapes will help the hair stylist come up with the best hairstyle for their clients. It can be boring to just cut hair exactly the same each time and having creative skills will keep the job fresh and exciting. The hairstylist will also want to keep up with trends, so they know what a client is asking for and what is best for them.

It’s the same for aestheticians. Clients may ask advice on manicure or pedicure designs or other services. You need the knowledge of trends to point them in the right direction and the creativity to pull it off.

 Must like people

You don’t have to like people to be in this field but if you do, it will help you a LOT! Think about it. You’ll spend eight hours a day (or more) listening to people make chit chat and small talk with you. Hairstylists and Aesthetics are often people that clients feel comfortable chatting with (like a bartender or cab driver) and having the natural ability to relate to them and put them at ease will make your days a lot easier and go a lot faster.

You’ll also have to work well with your coworkers and teammates at your salon or spa. There will be lots of different personality types and lots of opportunities to make friends. Keeping it positive and keeping relationships healthy and friendly will mean you’re happy in your job.

Great time management skills

Anyone who takes clients needs to be able to manage their time efficiently. Overbooking clients can cause those clients to leave your station unhappy, because clients don’t want to wait if they have made an appointment in advance. You would hate to lose a client’s business forever when it could be prevented. Yes it’s a high pressure environment sometimes, but being on time is KEY to being successful.


One of the skills that will serve you well is the ability to sell salon products. Most salons provide a commission structure that will allow employees to make money selling products. Or, if you work for yourself, any mark up on the product is all profit for you! To be successful you’ll need to be persuasive to let the client know that salon products are a good investment. The hairstylist or aesthetician will need to differentiate their salon products from other salons and grocery stores that carry less expensive hair products. They will want to pick the right product for the client, so they can continue to keep the hairstyle even after they wash their hair.

It’s time to change your life. It’s time for an education from CBBC Career College.

Our Faculty of Hair and Aesthetics has programs starting this fall and we would love for you to be in them. If you’ve ever considered a career in the field, there’s no better time than now to start! To speak to one of our lovely Student  Admissions Advisors to get all the information you need, click here. we would love to have you!

What Our Graduates Are Saying

[The students] have been absolutely amazing, and taking initiative with the care and their education (they have jumped in with confidence). They all have been extremely professional, and have built fantastic rapport with the residents and the staff, and if I had a spot for them I would hire them in a heartbeat.
Joanna Johnson