It’s National Nursing Week!

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Did you know that this week, May 10 – 16 is National Nurses Week? National Nurses Day is specifically this wednesday (May 12) but we’re celebrating nurses and healthcare heroes all week long. The week draws attention to nurses, increasing the awareness of the public, policy-makers and governments of the many contributions of nursing to the well-being of Canadians.

In 1971, May 12, the birthday of nursing pioneer Florence Nightingale, was designated as International Nurses Day. In 1985, the Canadian Nurses Association  members passed a resolution to begin negotiations with the federal government to have the week containing May 12 proclaimed as National Nurses Week annually. Soon after, the federal minister of health proclaimed the second week of May as National Nurses Week. In 1993, the name was changed to National Nursing Week to emphasize the profession’s accomplishments as a discipline!

The nurses in our lives

We at CBBC Career College are so happy to have some wonderful and dedicated nurses as members of our team. They primarily act as instructors for our Continuing Care Assistant program, instilling our students with the caring dedication that will make them successful in the workplace. In fact, most of our Continuing Care Assistants (CCA) will work under the supervision of registered nurses, registered psychiatric nurses, or licensed practical nurses once they graduate. It will be these dedicated nurses who help our CCA graduates to be the  “the eyes and ears of the frail and vulnerable.”

Without our dedicated instructors this program would not exist. We rely heavily on their expertise and knowledge to do our part to support the Nova Scotia healthcare system by providing a high quality education to our CCA Graduates. In fact, lots of CCAs continue on to nursing school to become nurses themselves (a sure sign of a wonderful relationship with the nurses they report to!).

No easy task

We all understand that being a nurse or healthcare professional in general is tough right now. There are thousands of dedicated nurses in this province working hard to keep us all safe, comforting those who need it the most, and working hard to educate the next generation of caregivers.

As mentioned before, many of our CCA students go on to become nurses themselves, using the platform as a stepping off point to launch a career in healthcare. CCAs help clients with mobility, personal care, assisting them to eat their meals, and medication monitoring. It’s a face-to-face, people-focused job that has a huge impact on those with whom they work. Continuing care assistants  are truly special people who are with their clients during the most vulnerable point in their lives. This may be at the end of life, during daily care, or during truly difficult medical situations.

Being able to give back everyday is a special thing and it really takes a special person.

It’s time to change your life. It’s time for an education from CBBC Career College.

Get a leg up in the job market NOW (don’t wait!). We would love to chat with you more about becoming a continuing care assistant. To learn more and to connect with us, visit the program page here. We look forward to chatting with you more about this exciting  program (and your new career opportunities!).

What Our Graduates Are Saying

My instructor is incredibly supportive, providing both essential skills and emphasizing the meaningful impact of our work. With excellent assistance from Administrative staff, CBBC Career College has truly prepared me for a fulfilling career as an ECE.
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