Needed: Continuing Care Assistants!

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Are you looking for a new career? Continuing Care Assistants (CCAs) are desperately needed in Nova Scotia and CBBC Career College can give you the education needed to excel in this vital and important field.

According to a recent article published by the CBC, difficulties recruiting and retaining CCA staff has been magnified by the pandemic. This has magnified problems and created a new crisis, according to unions and officials in the sector. In fact, Nan McFadgen, president of Canadian Union of Public Employees Nova Scotia, said the sector is beyond “code critical,” a term used in a new campaign from the Nova Scotia Paramedics Union to illustrate that sector’s staffing shortages.

This has put increased pressure on the government to increase the number of CCAs working in the province creating a high demand for educated and skilled individuals. In fact the Liberal government recently announced $96.5 million for long-term care, which will add 264 new beds and replace 1,298 beds at 14 nursing homes and three residential care facilities across the province.

Should the Liberals not be reelected on August 17 there’s support from the province’s other major political parties as well. The NDP’s election platform states they will commit to a room for every resident by 2030, increasing minimum care hours per resident to the recommended 4.1 and increasing wages. The NDP also stated that all new money for the sector would go to public and non-profit long-term care facilities. The Progressive Conservatives recently announced they would hire 2000 more staff for long-term care homes, create 2,500 new single long-term care beds and restore the student rebates for the continuing care assistance program to previous levels.

So, in a nutshell there are more jobs than there are people, making this the PERFECT time to invest in your education.

What is a continuing care assistant?

Continuing Care Assistants work under the supervision of registered nurses, registered psychiatric nurses, or licensed practical nurses. They act as  caretakers, mostly to elderly clients or those who are living with illness. CCAs work directly with clients in long-term care, home care, assisted living, some areas in acute care, or even in special needs classrooms.

Should you choose to join this challenging  but rewarding field you’ll help your clients  with mobility, personal care, assisting them to eat their meals, and medication monitoring. It’s a face-to-face, people-focused job that has a huge impact on those with whom you work. Continuing care assistants  are truly special people who are with their clients during the most vulnerable point in their lives. This may be at the end of life, during daily care, or during truly difficult medical situations.

Think of the sense of pride that you’ll end each day with knowing that you made a difference. Yes, this can be a very difficult job, but it will also be incredibly rewarding. Being able to give back everyday is a special thing and it really takes a special person.

Is this the job right for you?

Being a CCA is not easy. There is a lot of hardwork in this career but the rewards are also enormous. Think of the impact that you’ll have on others!

This job generally is shift-work based which is perfect for someone who doesn’t like a traditional 9 to 5. You’ll also be up and moving around a lot. There may be a bit of paperwork but this is a great career for someone who likes to be up and on their feet.

If you enjoy working as a CCA you can continue on for the rest of your career. We are confident that you will find new opportunities and ways to advance wherever you work (hard work and dedication is key!). But, if you want to obtain additional education and move up the ladder that’s also a very good possibility. Lots of CCAs continue on to nursing school to become nurses.

It’s time to change your life. It’s time for an education from CBBC Career College.

Get a leg up in the job market NOW (don’t wait!). We would love to chat with you more about becoming a continuing care assistant. To learn more and to connect with us, visit the program page here. We look forward to chatting with you more about this exciting  program (and your new career opportunities!).

What Our Graduates Are Saying

CBBC is the best decision that you can make for yourself. The education, the hands-on experience, and the amazing instructors make the time fly by. You learn skills that translate into real job experience. If you are looking to go to college, choose them! Once you become a part of the CBBC family, your dreams become realities!
Stephanie Melski
Medical Office Assistant / Cape Breton Regional Hospital Program Program