Regency and Aspirations Salon Q&A

Students enrolled in our Aesthetics & Cosmetology programs offer services to the general public at discounted rates within our two salons, Regency Salon in Halifax, and Aspirations Salon in Sydney

These  programs require a practical, hands-on approach and to facilitate that we accept appointments from the public so students can gain the skills necessary to be fully comfortable in all aspects of Hair Design and Aesthetics (while under the supervision of Master Level instructors of course!). They also learn the day-to-day management of operating a salon. 

We sat down with the managers of our two salons Judy Antonello (Regency Salon) and Tracy Samson (Aspirations Salon) to shed some light on the industry and what exactly a day in the salon looks like.

Q: As managers of our salons, you ladies have a ton of experience. How long have you been working in the aesthetics / hair / cosmetology industry?

Judy: I have been in the industry since 2001 (so 19 years) and instructing since 2005.

Tracy: I have worked in hair and aesthetics for 30 years!

Q: What is the best part of your job?

J: There are so many things I love about what I do! Meeting the new students then seeing them being successful in the real world really warms my heart.

T: I would have to say the best part of my job is seeing that lightbulb go off when the student understands and gets excited.

Q: What is the most challenging part of your job?

J: I have to say challenges are few but it’s sometimes tough to get our students to realize how important attendance is. But, we’re setting them up for real world success so it’s an important lesson to learn.

T: Mine is kind of echoing Judy. Most challenging to me would be getting the student to understand the importance of being on time (which in my mind is 15 mins early!)  and not missing time. Just like Judy said, I  like to think that we’re setting them up with time management skills that will set them apart from their peers once they enter the industry. 

Q: Are there any unique advantages to the beauty industry that you can think of ?

J: The beauty industry can take you worldwide. Think about it. These skills can be applied everywhere in the world so you aren’t stuck in one place if you don’t want to be. And the sky’s the limit on success.

T: Each individual has the power to be creative in both aesthetics and hairstyling. It’s so unique to be in a field that is always evolving and changing.  Also the ability to open your own business immediately after passing provincial exams is really exciting as well. This industry is great for anyone wanting to be their own boss. 

Q: Is there any advice that you would give someone looking to get into the aesthetics / hair / cosmetology industry?

J: The most important thing I tell my students is “Never stop learning”.  This industry is ever changing. What we teach at CBBC is a strong foundation that they can leverage to grow and change throughout their career, however they choose.

T: Yup, these fields are evolving so much! You want to be sure you’re choosing a career path you will love. It’s no longer just about cutting hair and polishing nails it is so much more than that. My best  advice would be to research what is involved in their choice of study to make sure they know what they’re getting into. 

Q: Are there any advantages that you think CBBC graduates have when entering the industry?

J: Our team at CBBC Regency is so welcoming. The Instructors have over 100 years combined experience and they are  all very passionate about watching the students grow (with that said our environment is also so much fun!). The training really is top-notch. Most of our students are offered jobs before they finish the program, and we always get positive feedback when the students go out on-the-job training. We offer so much one-on-one attention and the students really feel supported and knowledgeable when they graduate. 

T: At CBBC we have such a great team of educators with such diverse and varied  knowledge and experience. You can have the answer to every question you could imagine right at your fingertips. These questions can range from questions from opening your own business, to becoming a platform artist, to becoming an educator. We love to sit down with our students and make sure that we can share our knowledge and experience so that they’re ready to thrive in their new career right off the starting line. 

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What Our Graduates Are Saying

[The students] have been absolutely amazing, and taking initiative with the care and their education (they have jumped in with confidence). They all have been extremely professional, and have built fantastic rapport with the residents and the staff, and if I had a spot for them I would hire them in a heartbeat.
Joanna Johnson