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If you’re looking for a well-rounded education that will open as many doors as possible, our Business Administration program is just what you’re looking for.

This program is fantastic for anyone who is just out of high school and looking for opportunities for the future, but It is also great for someone who has been in business for a while and is looking to upgrade their skills. You’ll gain experience in the four main areas of business (marketing, human resources, business administration, and accounting) to give you the well-rounded skills needed to be job-ready and successful upon graduation.

Are you looking to start your own business? This program is for you.
Are you looking for a valued position in an existing business? This program is for you.
Are you looking to advance in your current business related role? This program is for you.

What is business administration anyway?

Someone who assists and oversees a business is a ‘Business Administrator’. This program is perfect for someone who wants a better understanding of how a business works and operates. Potential future jobs include executive assistant, human resources and recruitment officer, administrative officer, bookkeeper, purchasing agents and officer, office and administrative support worker, accounting clerk, administrative clerk, and financial clerk.

Chances are that this position will probably lead to life in an office environment. Picture yourself in a smart work wardrobe grabbing a coffee and heading into the office. Once you get into the office  you’ll put your problem solving hat on. Small and large businesses alike will find your skills useful so the sky’s the limit opportunity wise.

No matter what career path you choose your critical thinking and logical reasoning skills will come in handy. You may spend your days working in human resources interviewing potential job applicants, processing payroll for your coworkers, or crunching numbers to determine liquidity and cash flow for the business. Whatever you choose there  will be tons of room to learn and advance in your new environment with challenges around every corner. You’ll excel with a strong work ethic and of course your powerful education behind you.

The program

This program consists of 42 weeks of lecture-style learning. You’ll cover courses in business communications, the Microsoft program suite, payroll, accounting, marketing, human resources and MORE. You’ll also complete a four week practicum that will give you the opportunity to put your skills to the test in the real world. You’ll make connections and gain skills that will look terrific on a resume.

Think about it. In just 46 weeks you’ll be ready to start your new career as an in-demand business administrative professional!

So what are you waiting for?

Education that will allow you to succeed in various fields within the business sector is one of the smartest things that you can invest in. Don’t wait, take the first step towards your new career today.

What Our Graduates Are Saying

This program prepared me and gave me the confidence to enter the real business world. The close knit atmosphere CBBC has, made me very comfortable. Each and every staff member at CBBC was extraordinarily helpful on my journey in obtaining a full-time Administrative Assistant position in Cape Breton.
Courtney MacPhail
Administrative Assistant / Offshore Technical Services Program Program